"SmaCom Diesel"  is one of the specialized energy areas of Smacom Trade TM, the main task of which is to purchase and sell petroleum products, petrochemical products and liquefied gas.

We work with the leading players in the fuel market in the CIS and Europe: Belarus, Turkey and Lithuania. Our priority is a long-term cooperation with the client. That is why, when choosing a supplier, we focus on its reputation and reliability, product quality and affordability for potential consumers.

The developed logistics system of the company allows to carry out the transportation of the order by automobile and railway ways, and also through the Black Sea ports. Thus, the map of our activity covers all regions of Ukraine. We are entrusted with the continuous operation of fuel enterprises in the domestic agricultural sector and large corporations-traders.

'SmaCom Diesel' is a reliable supplier of petroleum products for:
Аgricultural holdings, the land bank of which ranges from 100 hectares to 500,000 hectares.
Farms (small, medium and large).
Grain terminals.
Enterprises for processing agricultural products, etc.

We offer to our customers

- High-quality service and competitive price. At the request of the client, it is possible to agree on preliminary testing of the product for quality;

- Long-term cooperation with additional benefits in the form of deferred payment;

- Managerial support at all stages of the partnership and adjustment of order volumes with a change or increase in customer demand.

"SmaCom Diesel" always guarantees prompt delivery of agreed fuel volumes. We offer a full cycle of activities for the supply of petroleum products from the manufacturer to the end consumer.