Smacom Gas

Smacom Gas

Smacom Gas - we specialize in the trade and supply of natural gas. Every day, both wholesale traders and end consumers become our clients.

Our advantages:

  • Flexible pricing - as a guarantee of gas resources, we have signed contracts with both Ukrainian production and multinational companies;
  • Experienced staff, deeply understands the specifics of the market;
  • The ability to remotely track customer consumption gives us the opportunity to avoid penalties for "imbalances" (daily busts / volume shortages)
  • Turnkey customer management - 24/7 Your personal manager is ready to talk to you about any issue, including financial (deferral, financial shoulder)

In time tax invoices registration
Deliveries necessary for you volume
Ukrainian and imported natural gas
Customer-oriented tariff policy
Smacom Gas

What business areas will we be interested in?

Medium and small business
Grain terminals
Industrial enterprises

We are guided in our activities:

Правила поставки природного газу
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Закон України "Про ринок природного газу"
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Кодекс газотранспортної системи
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Кодекс газорозподільних систем
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Правила безпеки природного газу
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