Reputation is one of our most important assets; it forms the local perception of the company. Therefore, the activities of all our areas are based on the principles of responsible fulfillment of obligations and agreements, transparency and compliance with the law, open and clear financial policy, the formation of clear corporate standards, as well as honesty with our partners and our team.


A team that effectively manages resources and assets is one of our main competitive advantages, the basis of the company's prosperity. Our specialists have extensive experience in relevant areas and segments, using the best world practices in their work and offering new non-standard solutions. We are united by a common goal, we sincerely love our business, we are constantly developing and improving our professional skills. It is extremely valuable for us to support each member of our team, who shares our desire in this.


Synergy of business areas. The diversity of SmaCom Trade's activities is one of the fundamental keys to success. Each individual line of business together strengthens our competitive position as a whole. At the same time, multidirectionality and a diverse trading portfolio allow us to scale the business, diversifying the possible risks associated with seasonality, market turbulence, exchange rate fluctuations and the general economic situation.



Sustainable development of each area and the company as a whole allows us not only to actively gain market position, but also contributes to the development of our partners, who supply us with products and raw materials, as well as demonstrates endless opportunities and strong export potential of the country as a whole. Hundreds of business processes, paid by our specialists every day, thousands of decisions and agreements invariably lead us to the goal, ensuring the efficiency and sustainability of the company in the long run.


We believe that social responsibility is an important component of the company's development and long-term business in the future. That is why activities in this direction are an integral part of the company's strategy. We are proud to have the opportunity to support various social programs and initiatives on a small regional and national scale.

Thanks to the partnership with the Misak Hidiryan Charitable Foundation,, we help projects to preserve cultural and spiritual values, develop creativity and sports among young people, participate in systemic programs for health development and support of medical institutions in the regions of Ukraine, provide assistance to those in need of expensive treatment, etc.