Operational Management


"SmaCom Trade" is the Ukrainian Trading Company that combines the directions of "SmaCom Agro", "SmaCom Gas" and "SmaCom Diesel". Each of them does a wide range of trade operations in the domestic Ukrainian market, purchasing and supplying a wide range of goods and resources.   


"SmaCom Agro" - purchase of grain, pulses and oilseeds.

"SmaCom Diesel" -sales of petroleum products and petrochemical products.

"SmaCom Gas" -supply of natural gas.


Operational management of all trade areas TM "SmaCom Trade" is carried out by LLC "PYRIATYNSKIY DELIKATES". In addition to trading services, "PYRIATYNSKIY DELIKATES" manages production of frozen semi-finished and ready-made culinary dishes TM "SmaCom" and TM Portion.

Such a large-scale approach of LLC "PYRIATYNSKIY DELIKATES" to various spheres of activity allows using all the experience, gained over the years, and implementing it in the development of new areas and in a short time significantly scaling the business.

On the other hand, the allocation of trading in a separate structure and clear segmentation within this structure allows the simultaneous development of several areas, while diversifying all sorts of risks associated with seasonality, market turbulence, price and exchange rate fluctuations and general economic situation.