SmaCom Trade - Partner of Trend & Hedge Club offline meeting

SmaCom Trade - Partner of Trend & Hedge Club offline meeting

On November 10, a regular meeting of Trend & Hedge Club was held in Kyiv, where SmaCom Trade not only supported the organizational part, becoming a Partner of the event, but also took an active part in the panel industry discussion.

So, the head of the natural gas division of SmaCom Gas - Andriy Zarechensky joined the panel discussion with representatives of all possible agro-gas topics, where they tried to find out what high gas prices will mean for us in the near future. Our expert noted that there were several reasons for the rapid rise in gas prices: economic recovery after the pandemic, the seasonal factor, Nord Stream-2, and so on.

"The gas market is overheated, prices are sky-high and constantly fluctuating, sometimes reaching UAH 50,000 per cubic meter. However, the situation should stabilize in December, ”Andriy Zerechenskyi summed up.

 The lively discussion, as always, turned into behind-the-scenes friendly conversations over a glass of wine.

SmaCom Trade thanks the leaders of Trend & Hedge Club for the opportunity to partner and cool business emotions.