There is Gas, but the question is - at what price?

There is Gas, but the question is - at what price?

On September 15, the Agro&Food Security Forum conference was held in Warsaw, initiated and organized by the Union of Bean Producers and Consumers of Ukraine (SVSBU), the Polish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and UkrAgroConsult.

There is no doubts, the idea and program of the conference were interesting and rich, but we would like to single out the last panel discussion, during which the organizers managed to gather representatives of Business - main participants of the business processes of the agro market. So, one of the speakers was the Head of SmaCom Gas Andrii Zarechenskyi, who was to give an overview of the gas issue in the world and directly in Ukraine.

"To summarize what was said at the forum, the situation today looks roughly like this: This heating season will be a big challenge for Ukraine and Europe due to the substitution of Russian gas (about 40% of the market). Thus, the EU, together with its partners, are really actively developing LNG and taking measures to reduce demand (reincarnation of nuclear energy, measures to save costs for households), and Ukraine's permanent partners allocate tranches to help NaftoGaz pump the necessary amount of gas for this heating season.

But, I must note that due to the fact that the Ukrainian gas market has become disconnected from European gas hubs, the price for industry (including the agricultural sector) is an order of magnitude cheaper than in Europe - 45 thousand UAH per 1 thousand cubic meters 150 thousand UAH for 1 thousand cubic meters in the EU.

Due to the volatile political and economic situation in the world, the situation on the gas market is also changing. Therefore, I sincerely advise you to be in touch with specialists who are aware of fluctuations, analytics and can tell you when and how it is better to buy. We are always open to this" - Andrii Zarechenskyi, head of SmaCom Gas.