SmaCom Trade in MEDIA. Agroportal from 12.11.2021

SmaCom Trade in MEDIA. Agroportal from 12.11.2021

 The gas market is overheated, space prices are constantly fluctuating, sometimes reaching UAH 50,000 per cubic meter. m. However, in March the situation should stabilize.

This was announced by the head of the natural gas division of SmaComGas Andriy Zarechensky.

The expert noted that there were several reasons for the sharp rise in gas prices. In particular, economic recovery after the pandemic, especially in the Asian region. Chinese consumers have begun to buy gas previously supplied to Europe. There is a geopolitical factor as "Nord Stream-2". There was also a seasonal factor (last year in Madrid for the first time in many years it snowed), so the states have exhausted gas reserves in their own storage facilities.

"The factor of abrupt transition to the strategy of carbon neutrality also worked. The EU's drastic abandonment of traditional energy sources has had its consequences. After all, for hydrogen, which is to replace natural gas and coal, the market and its infrastructure have not yet been formed, and green energy does not have such stability. Against this background, we see a heterogeneous position on this issue in the EU, in particular, Poland refuses to close coal mines to ensure its internal generation, "explains Andriy Zarechensky.

He adds that farmers did not expect such a jump, so they did not make stocks when gas cost 2,000 hryvnias per cubic meter. m. Therefore, now farmers are increasingly thinking about alternative energy sources - it's cod and propane-butane.

"However, there is a slight" warming "in this matter -" Gazprom "is filling its storages: the Russians are already full, began pumping to the Austrian and German. But the market is incredibly overheated, as evidenced by the fact that any news, even fake, affects gas prices in the context of the day. Yes, the German regulator mistakenly showed the pumping of Nord Stream-2 on its website in the evening, and in the morning the market collapsed, ”Zarechensky said.

Such a price rally will be observed at least until March.

The German regulator, which certifies Nord Stream 2, has until March, so ups and downs are possible. After the decision is made, stabilization is possible. Next summer, we should reach the usual price range without significant volatility, "predicts a representative of SmaComGas.